Established in 2006, Imexco is a leading Supply-Chain-Manager and provider of Pine Chemicals, Natural Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals, Incense and Industrial Raw Materials.

We have grown over the last 12 years, by taking advantage of adjacent opportunities in business which share geographies, channels, suppliers and customers, acquiring new competencies. We have evolved from a one product business to a business spread across Asia, Europe & South America with more than 50 products across 8 countries, delivering product to more than 100 customers in India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Turkey & Europe.

We have consistently exceeded the expectations of our stake holders by leveraging our knowledge, capabilities, skill sets, systems to create a competitive advantage which has helped us to grow, on the way to building leadership positions.

Imexco commenced operation to establish a reliable and committed supplier source of Indonesian Gum Rosin for Indian buyers. Within a year, the business was expanded to include Oleo Pine Resin, tapped from Pine Trees and Gum Turpentine Oil, the bye-product from Gum Rosin manufacture. The success of this operation resulted in Imexco adding a wide range of Pine Chemicals and Incense Raw Materials and establishing sourcing points all across Indonesia, spreading to India, Vietnam, China, Brazil & Russia and meeting buyer requirements primarily in Asia and Europe. Essential Oils was a natural extension of our business to provide reliable supplies to our customers in the Aroma industry.

Imexco’s customer base extends across Asia, including India, South-East Asia, China and Europe, to all segments of the Perfumes & Flavours, Chemicals, Coatings, Resins, Plastics & Incense Industries from large MNCs, Medium Scale buyers to small start-up & proprietorship enterprises. Our customers receive quality product at competitive prices, along with market information, demand-supply analysis as well as projected price trends, enabling better decision making. Most of our customers consult us to finalise their purchase strategy, including inventory holding, timing of purchase, scheduling their shipment schedules and of course pricing.

Imexco International’s sourcing partners, both factories and processors, are carefully selected, being the most reliable in their product category, whereby the customer is assured of consistent supply of quality products and guaranteed performance. Close attention is paid to nurturing the suppliers / factory personnel, assuring monitoring & adherence to quality standards, as well as supervising the processing & packing of the products contracted and closely co-ordinating with the entire supply chain to ensure timely delivery of quality products to our customers.

Almost all our partners in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Russia & Brazil have been serving the Industry for more than 10 years and understand fully the quality & service requirements of our customers. Crucial pillars in our journey so far and major contributors to our leadership position in most of our product categories, have been our Trading and Manufacturing partners Petrofer AG, Switzerland, its subsidiary, Guangzhou Flying Dragon Chemicals, China, Resiminas Agroflorestal Ltda, Brazil, Pt Alam Jaya Loka, Pt Nasco, Indonesia, Tuan Minh Trading & Production and Pine Nghe An JSC, Vietnam, providing un-wavering and consistent support of Quality products, Technical capability, Technological advancements, warehousing & logistics support and financial products.

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